Silverlake Driving School




  1. LOCATION – We chose our location to provide your child with a safe driving environment for new and inexperienced drivers, out of the heavy traffic in the Silverlake area. We are conveniently located in the center of Pearland with easy access to the Friendswood, Sagemont, Southeast Houston, Alvin, Manvel and Silverlake areas. We currently have students from over 30 secondary schools.
  2. INSTRUCTION VEHICLES AND INSURANCE – Our vehicles are low mileage, well-maintained, safe and comfortable, chosen with safety in mind for your student. You should ask to see insurance policies and maintenance records at any driving school you are considering.
  3. FACILITY – Designed with your student’s comfort and safety in mind. Large, comfortable classroom, clean kitchen and restrooms, new textbooks and videos. Curriculum is approved by the Texas Education Agency.
  4. STAFF – Our instructors and office staff CARE about you and your student. They are certified and licensed by the Texas Education Agency. An owner is present during all hours and your student will be supervised at all times.
  5. ATTITUDE/SPIRIT – We are a Christian-based business run with your student’s safety and best interest in mind. Ask any of our graduates and their parents!

We love to hear from our student’s and their parents!

Below are just a few of the testimonials we’ve received.

Parent Testimonials

I sent my 16 year old daughter to the Silverlake Driving School after researching all my options and praying for direction.  What becomes evident immediately when your child attends this driving school is that Patty and her husband are not just interested in teaching your children how to drive, they are interested in them as people.

Their love of the kids entrusted to them is obvious from the minute the kids walk through the door until well after they have finished the school.  My daughter still talks about how much she learned at the school and how interesting, fun and relevant the teaching was. I think the lessons my daughter learned at the school had a much greater impact than any conversation I could have had with her or teaching that I could have done, from the virtual glasses that showed her how impaired a driver becomes under the influence of alcohol to how to finance a car and every aspect in between, the Reese’s left no stone uncovered. They have certainly set a firm foundation for driving in the life of my daughter.

Putting your child behind the wheel of a car is a frightening thought, but I have every confidence that my daughter has been given the right tools to be a safe driver. This school was indeed an answer to prayer. (Sandi Knight)