Silverlake Driving School in Pearland
is excited to offer Teen and Adult Driver’s Education,
Drug and Alcohol Awareness classes to the Pearland area.
Our class schedule is below.



Complete 46 hr Teen Driver Education Class ($410) or let us provide the 32 hours of classroom instruction, parents provide in-car instruction and you save  $100.00.

You must be 15 years old to take this class. This class leads to an instruction permit after the 3rd day of class*. It is required to obtain your TX drivers license once you are 16 years old. You will receive 32 hours of classroom instruction and 14 hours of in-car instruction. (*all course fees must be paid in full)

If you are too busy for class times at our location, we now offer Classroom time ONLINE. When your done with the classroom session you can complete your drive times here with us at Silverlake Driving School….. Call us for more information.

Get a RIDE! – We pick up students from PEARLAND High School and Pearland TURNER High School after school each week day – just in time for the 3:00 class! Ask for more info at the front desk! Sorry, no pickup during summer!


Please call us for Make Up Days.



Our Classes are Filling Fast…

We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards via PayPal.



must have six (6) students per class 

Aug 7th to Aug 25th + one Saturday (evening class)

6pm to 8pm

Aug 28th to Sept 16th + two Saturdays

3pm to 5pm

(no class Labor Day – Sept 4th)

Sept 5th (Tuesday) to Sept 23rd + two Saturdays

6pm to 8pm (evening class)

Sept 18th to Oct 6th + one Saturday

3pm to 5pm

Oct 10th (Tuesday) to October 27th + two Saturdays

3pm to 5pm



** Classes are interchangeable – you may attend either class on any particular day.
** Classes are Monday – Friday with the last day of class on a Saturday.
** You may attend either 3:00-5:00pm or 6-8pm class to provide flexibility for your busy schedule – curriculum is the same each day for both classes.

6 Hour Adult Class Schedule

6 Hr Class Schedule for 18-24 year old ($150)

This class is required by law to get your TX Driver’s License as of 3/1/2010.


2017 Scheduled Classes   

Class will be held at:  

 Pearland Driving School

Aug 26th – 8am to 2pm

9330 Broadway St. Suite #404 on FM 518 in Pearland

Silverlake Driving School

Sept 9th – 8am to 2pm

5402 Broadway St. Suite Suite #106 on FM 518 in Pearland

Pearland Driving School

Sept 23rd – 8am to 2pm

9330 Broadway St. Suite #404 on FM 518 in Pearland

If you are interested in signing up please Pre-Register. We must have 4 people to hold a class.

Call for more information.

Adult In-Car Instruction With Our Patient Instructors ($65 per hr – 2 hr min).

You MUST already have your instruction permit to take this class. This class will prepare you for the
Behind-The-Wheel test at the DPS Office.

Call to make your appointment.